Monday, June 30, 2008

Patriotism Rings Loud Now

There was a time when Americans white and black alike hated the direction of this nation,
Protests being held at many a courthouse and many a station,
Against rulings in the Sean Bell case, or even the Iraq War many say is a disgrace.
But 2008 brings us to a new day, where Patriotism is alive and it's fighting its way,
Into the heart's of all Americans who in the White House they wish Obama to stay.
No he's not there yet and the lack of a flag pin led the public to unfairly sway
In a direction against him but now approaches Independence Day.
Obama gives a speech in Independence days before this country's Independence,
And a man many hesitate to give fair play,
Is leading the polls in every possible way.
A few more months and he'll be there to stay,
But he's made a vow that rang truly loud today.
To never question anyone's patriotism in any way,
Obama respects all and his acceptance will provide his greatest pay.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Music is Politics

this oil painting is a beautiful creation of the artist, LeeVasu...check him out)

Lost - Sock The Rapper

I woke up this morning feeling like I was forgetting something... And then I remembered my dream, (slightly).

I had a dream that I was the world's greatest performer
and I was singing about the Man and the failures of our former,
Yes Bush was no more and the Man was standing in the corner,
Admiring my vocals as I belted out in his honor...

"Mr. President I admire your strength and your courage
You came out on top and never could have been discouraged!"

My words came out like a freestyle, a spoken word art form,
And then the chorus interrupted and the crowd rumbled like a storm.

Fail me not Mr. President, You have come with great precedence, I believe you'll reverse...the sins/bought on us in the past, but Neverrrr again..."

Then I woke with a teary blink..
Strange choice of lyrics, wouldn't you think?
Sing beautiful words I hope will sink in,
But I think I'm questioning the mentioned sin...

What was it? I'm not sure I'm convinced that my head I was in,
But when I opened my eyes I thought of it again...
Juneteenth came and went, do you know of that event?
Probably not, I believe it's something the prevented by our government...

Too bad though, half of us aren't interested enough to find out,
What a day so significant may have actually been about..
Happy Juneteenth I gracefully shout out...
Then I hit my pillow again and I'm out for the count...

TIME Magazine did a spread on Juneteenth, brush up on your African American history.
Oh and of course the less complex poetic form of this post can be found at

Sunday, June 15, 2008

If I Have My Way

If I Have My Way - Chrisette Michele

So I went searching for a song my friend* praised in her aim status and couldn't find it.. but I found this beautiful song that I sadly forgot about in my bitter state... but this is how I feel.... Underneath it all...

If I had my way...
I would've lied that day.
You know, the day I told you to stay?
"Stay with me baby I need you today."
Do you remember?

Probably not...
At this point in time I wasn't aware I got "got."
That was pretty good mr. big shot,
But guess what? I'm still hott.

Hotta than you will ever again know,
I'm rising to the top, and I'm poetry's greatest show.
You had to go, I know...
Life isn't fair, it's meant to blow.

But at the end of the day I'm still meant to love,
and no one's gonna stop me from stayin above.
I'm above you and all you're made of,
So far above I'm soarin next to a beautiful white dove.

Sadness burdens me but love is still within me...
And if I have my way, in love is what I'll soon be.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'd rather a bullet

So I was talking to the good ol' twin a second ago and I was trying to describe this pain in my back that shoots down my right leg and I found myself saying:

"I'd seriously rather a bullet because at least then it could be removed!"

Talk about
dramatic right?

SO, that being said, enjoy (p.s..these poems are all the creations of a vivid mind, take it how u like, im not crazy nor suicidal. I Promise.)

Shoot Me!
Rid me of this pain and agony,
Put me out of my unfortunate misery!
It's quick and easy trust me...
Just pull the trigger and put a bullet where I need it to be.
Pierce my
heart and leave me not one negative emotional memory.
But please don't kill me.
You see,
A bullet to me is a shot worth taking temporarily.
Do you follow me? I'm not insane I'm just telling you that I'm ready.

Shoot me.
I'd seriously rather a bullet that a surgeon can see.
Than deal with this pain from which comes absolute uncertainty.

Where is the wound that is causing me to bleed?
Make it stop and shoot me with a miracle seed.
Maybe a pill to give me what I need?
Relief from devastation that which this pain has begun to feed.

Just shoot me.
It'll all be over shortly.

Back to Poetry

It's been a while since I blessed this page with some poetry, sorry my gracious people. But I'm back, no matter how busy things may be, I am back. (I hope I still got it!)

You spoke to me one day and you touched my soul.
It was something I never felt, like the filling of a hole.
You warmed me up after I'd forever been cold..
And my heart you managed to be granted permission to hold.

But now where are you?
Is there something I was supposed to do?
What's changed your presence, or should I ask who?
If I'd been holding my breath, I'd be way past blue.

Don't apologize, don't say anything at all.
It was my mistake to even begin to fall.
You vanished from my life, without even a call.
You must have had a blast, Tell me was it a ball?

Don't apologize, don't answer my questions.
I just have a couple of quick suggestions.
You know for your future plans of lethal injections.
Injections that in my experience have caused many infections.

Infections that spread throughout my blood and poisoned my heart,
Closed my mind to any type of stable start.
Your treachery is a great work of art.
I hope you cherish your achievement of tearing me apart.

But wait... I'm the poet...
Cliche it may be but maybe you just don't know it.
You've made me an artist and now I get to show it.
It being the greatness that came when you managed to blow it.

Stay absent, stay silent, stay a mystery.
Your not being here is adding to my perfect misery.
I missed the pen but I'm back making history.
As the woman who came out defeated, and claimed that was her greatest victory.

Still Hot

This is how hot it is in DC right now....

Yes, that is an ad outside of a make up shop promoting a give away of cold water...
DC is outta control and I love it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

DC Blaze

I've finally made it to DC, but it seems all the people I was expecting to see are either not in DC, or too far for my touristy self to wander off and find them... Smh.. Here is a list of what to expect if ever for any reason you'll be spending summertime in DC
: extreme heat and humidity starting from 9am and lasting until 4am (just round up and say 24 hours)
:random heat lightning storms and torrential down pours in one neighborhood but not the next
:AlphabetCity??? (Georgetown and downtown DC streets are letters, ie M,N,O,P...)
:(Georgetown specified), Steep Hills that would be great for skiing were there snow and maybe no ongoing traffic at the bottom of those hills on Wisconsin....
:Good eats, from American to Pizzeria's, and great shopping, (I walked by the Rugby store today)
:History and Monuments, beautiful estates and pretty old buildings.
:Mule-drawn boat rides?? Yes, I saw this today, no lie...
:And finally,.... I see ants everywhere!! NYC doesn't really see ants anymore, they've been replaced by other unfriendly's.
It's only day 2 so there is more to come, but I will leave you with this; I miss my City!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Something Special

Usher's album is here people!!!

Let me start by apologizing for posting this days after the album dropped... but I am guilty of being extremely justifiably too busy to truly sit down and listen to all the tracks on Usher's latest. But can I just say that Usher had me at the Intro. I usually listen to the intro on an album for less than a minute, but I let it play out, because Usher's heart is bleeding hard on that track.... as I soon came to realize for the following 16 tracks. He managed to write a sexual song that becomes completely emotional!! Only USHER can get away with that.... but he's clearly hurting bad right now... or in his words, he's "got it bad." I've decided I'm not putting up the whole album because first of all, nobody is going to sit on my blog and play each track, take ya @ss and buy the album! Secondly, I'd much rather just share my favorite track from the album, so I listened to the whole thing through, felt rather indifferent to all the tracks combined. When I got to 7 I decided to skip 8 and go to
17 and work my way back... It wasn't until I got back to 8 that I found it.. My favorite track... my "Something Special".... enjoy a peek at Usher's beautiful poetry, he's not afraid to confess his love for a simplistic woman... Ladies we don't have to be couture at the supermarket ya know...

Something Special - UsherP.s. This could have easily been named Confessions: Part 3

So I realized I'm really bad at taking pictures so once I get to D.C. I'm going to work really hard on correcting that. in the meantime, lemme just give you a sample (stolen from an unknown source) of what I did this weekend... Traveling down to atlantic city on saturday to see the bad-ass bill maher stand up at the Borgata then speeding home at 2 am to NY arriving at 4:30 after putting 10 on my brother's hand at the black jack table (i got back 30..), seeing Sex and the City with the sisters and Mom in a random theatre in Great Neck alll the way in the front row..... Completely Worth it!!!!