Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Dream

"I have a dream,"
But does anyone wanna hear it?
Doesn't really matter, I'm still gonna share it.
See I see this world as one day being perfected,
But as of today my people are still being neglected.
It's a shame we still deal with unjust trials and tribulations,
Then we must unify and rally against unfair regulations.

My dream you see places us all in the same room... Small on the outside, pretty large within.
And right at its door everyone's trying hard to get in.
Who do I see as I get closer to its center?
Of Course it's Obama, my one and only mentor.
I'm not a fanatic, nor naive of his politics,
But at least I can say there's no sugary sweetness in any of his politics.....

I'll stop here.. full story to come on a new sight.. I'll keep you all updated!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is How it All Starts

It started with an acquittal...

It hurts me that justice is almost never served in the trial of a black man, no matter what Era of time we're living in. Politics have always been a reflection of the people in a society, and New York politics, including its judicial branch are ALL out of touch. Let me rephrase that, they're all Untouchable. What just man can acquit three murderers (regardless of the circumstance) without feelin some sort of guilt at night, it's all politics... Make the cops (your city men) look good and the dead (Sean Bell) look like a criminal... Same sh*t different day. How sad we can't get over this. I'm praying for Sean Bell's family, and hoping that my hometown, Good Ol Queens, never does me this dirty, no matter how I go.

And then Night took over day.

Frigid Friday...

About me and twinzie gettin picked up on Chestnut and 8th in this fine 300 stretch (as you see here to your left), and gettin dropped on 2nd and Market to walk back to Chestnut to the fabuloso Cebu??? how about spending money neither of us truly have, esp. on a 10$ bottle of STILL WATER?? It's crazy out there in Olde City, where they bring you bottled water without asking you if you want it, cause you just supposed to have it like that. Smh, we neva had it like that, but we fronted the whole night out, then got picked back up by the 300 stretch and dropped back to our car before we got a ticket :) Perfect timing... Then the night went to hell........

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama's Waffle

Okay people... So for everyone who thinks I'M obsessed with politics esp. Barack Obama, let me turn the cameras onto the real fanatic:

POLITICAL WIRE: Obama’s $10k Waffle Breakfast Yanked from eBay

The uneaten portions from Obama’s waffle and sausage breakfast were taken from the Scranton, Pa. diner, “the Glider,” Monday morning by a Hillary Clinton supporter who later posted them for sale on the popular auctioning site. She had planned to give all proceeds to Clinton’s campaign.

Can we sayy....... Completely, utterly, disgracefully, disgustingly, confusingly, desperately, useless
? Yes, we Can!

I wanna be a Star!
And when I shine, I want a house somewhere far.
Dreamin big has got some of us pretty far,
So I have only one wish, and that is to be a star!

When we're young we all dream of these glamorous lives we hope to be famous someday, and while some of us will make it big time, some of us don't choose paths that will lead us down that road. Not every major in college will make us famous, actually not many other than acting or vocal training will. But then you have your rare case of communications majors, trying to be either on tv, behind the camera, or in a magazine. The magazine chic is who I hope to be, but if it doesn't work out for me, I'll be some
ones star

I'm a star, Or I'll be a star,
But fame and and flashing lights are not all stars are.

Monday, April 14, 2008


John Legend Spoke at The Legendary Blue Horizon yesterday,

Celebrities talkin politics now, but are we listening to their talk? Or are we too involved with the invisible shine around their face, the imaginary emblem of what they represent? I respect John Legend at the Blue Horizon, and I respect those that kept their focus. He was not here to promote himself, and those in attendance were not there to get an autograph, but moreso to hear the words of a known performer whose musical talent depicts his understanding of how the world (at least in America) works. He confessed to having written a song about a world that he believed existed here, but with this year he has reversed that view, and he performed a capella the song he recorded for his album instead of his original feelings. Unfortunately, I can't give u a sample of that track lol. But just think on this: can musical influence, such as the sounds of John Legend and Will.I.Am to name a few, affect the way we vote in November?