Monday, February 8, 2010

Party doesn't Matter?

Being on the Hill this spring may be blinding, or brainwashing rather all the interns working for various congressional members during this 111th session of congress. The obvious disapproval across the isle of anything Democratic-sponsored is getting a little old, especially when it turns to outright disrespect (Massachusetts Senator Kirk's farewell address last Thursday was not well attended by other freshmen Senators on the Hill). I mean Scott Brown's defeat over Martha Coakley a few weeks ago shocked and awed Dems all over, but was it really that shocking?
Let's put that election into context.... Martha Coakley did NOT campaign well at all... Scott Brown was the "new hottness" as my political practicum professor might call it, sparking new energy in an aggravated, unheard independent voter population throughout the state, and who wouldn't turn to the "new hottness?" Also, Coakley called in the big dogs way too late in the show... President Obama is a people mover, but not 48 hrs before an election that was lost to begin with.....

Now let's look at PA.. Good old (I mean really old) Arlen Specter, the party flopper, the indecisive politically left but personally right incumbent candidate residing in Philadelphia. Pat Toomey, almost half his age, the conservative who would be the "new hottness" there, only Pennsylvania votes interestingly in these elections. With major urban areas voting Democratic, Specter needs to win over the independents, and I'm not sure he's reached that point yet. This past weekend interesting news surfaced: PA's Democratic party endorsed Specter!! The flip-flopper, the epitome of "politics-as-usual" the 44-yr republican was welcomed to the Dems and now even wins the endorsement over Joe Sestak???

It's possible that party labels don't really matter anymore.. It's all for show, republicans and democrats alike provide our political entertainment by pitting themselves against each other, but it doesn't really matter. Gubernatorial elections come down to the voters, and what really matters is voter turnout for Arlen Specter. Let's see if he gets it done.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Overstepping Boundaries

I've never liked being someone who surrenders..... But since I've made this move, I've found my self much more complacent, and obedient. Maybe disciplined is a better word. But is discipline really a benefit when you're competing in one of the most intense atmospheres ever? OR is obedience and discipline overlooked, because nothing else about me is truly extraordinary in anyone's eyes? Maybe it is overlooked, maybe its miniscule in this sea of success I'm voluntarily drowning myself in, because no one else is forcing this on me.... But I am extraordinary.

Maybe not in ways that you would agree,
But in many more than one, I'm extraordinary.
An article can still make me cry,
The New Yorker Talk of the Town on Haiti made me cry....
Because I care too much, emotionally invested, that's why.
I'm extraordinarily passionate.
Unafraid of being unfortunate.
Because it doesn't exist..
My fortunes are someone else's misfortunes,
Such is the same in reverse, in portions
With what I achieve, I
understand what others may not truly perceive..
We live in a give and take world,
But we always wanna take.
Not enough of us give and not enough of us care to dare to question the motives of those who show us how to take.... How to cheat, how to steal, how to diplomatically overstep boundaries.

I'm extraordinary because I know boundaries.
I know you cannot diplomatically overstep anything...
So I overstep what I have to.. I take to task what I need to.
I challenge my existence, who I am, what that means, everyday.
I try to give and give in every possible way.. Love, life, support, comfort,
I'm extraordinarily equipped with more than enough it just takes the effort...
To execute.
Execute my overly stocked chamber of passion,
And show others compassion incidentally depleting my own...
But it's recyclable. So I know,
The emotions that I show..
There's more where that came from
And I will not be the person that deprives someone
Of what I know I'm capable of giving up some; attention.

Arthur Miller wrote it, "attention must be paid...."
attention must be paid to our most pathetic protagonist.
Are you hearing me? Not just listening but actually hearing me?
Ask yourself everyday what you can do for someone else....
And through that selfless quest you will find selfish reward.

But overstepping boundaries cannot be done diplomatically, only ruthlessly. With ambition, drive and passion, you will provide someone else's compassion.