Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Random Good Days

I always felt like I wasn't capable expressing myself creatively when I'm in a good mood, but tonight I wanna challenge myself. Honestly, I've said it out loud before and realized how ridiculous it sounds, a poet limiting her ability based on a mood? That's not really a good poet. So lemme give this a shot and regain my own confidence.

Baby Girl - Jay-R feat. Munchie

I don't know what I do to me,
because I never really thought about me..
But today I decided to take a different approach and appreciate myself but still managed not to boast.
It's a beautiful thing to open your eyes with a smile,
Something you thought would be gone for a while....
But I can't complain.. I'm content, or a decent level of the next best thing,
I'm not even sure what it means to be here in this current position...
I used to feel good things but anticipate the worst things,
because good moments lasting too long, usually meant that the best things would soon go completely wrong..
But I'm over that anticipation, because it's not about the soon but the now...
it's not about the when, but it's about the how.
How you handle the things in life thrown at you, and try with what you have to make do..
Mood rings turning blue,
not that, "I'm sad and melancholy" blue,
But that, "I'm lovable and stress-free" blue. (the card describes this, no lie.)
And you accept what you have because there's no point not to.
You let go of selfish tendencies to become a self-less entity,
You embody something beautiful because you yourself think you are beautiful.

You, is I, and I... love my Eyes*
They see through anything, but know when not to look too deep in...
My eyes* make me me, the outer workings of what I am to be..

Just wake up every morning, and give yourself a smile...
And when you leave your house, soak in the air a little while.

There is always an interesting story to you yourself or the person noticing you...
Because even when you think no one's there, someone's looking out for you...
Someone actually appreciates you, and once You notice this is true,
You will feel comfortable appreciating your eyes*,
And not feel selfish about loosening your ties..
You will be at liberty with yourself and your own worst enemy,
And your own worst enemy, is simply, your most intense insecurity.

So shake that off, take your mask off, let your hair down, and wear your own version of a crown.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Forever Young

This was the next track I fell in love with, the full version of the intro, Forever Young.

I don't have anything to say.. I'm gonna let Usher tell it.

Forever Young (Full Intro) - Usher

Something Special

I was listening to Usher's Here I Stand.... and I got all emotional listening to couple of tracks, which turned into almost all of the songs on the album!! But what hit me the hardest, was "Something Special."

I used to think we had something special,
Because we had something never seen as superficial.
You were real with me, you were someone I thought you were destined to be.
But now you've changed so much now that you, I no longer see..

My lovely put it best, our friendship is one non existant, because
you're neglect and ignorance led to this unfortunate cause,
Where you and me, simply ceases to exist.
Months have passed since we promised to cease and desist,
And somehow we managed to find our way back to what it was that we missed.
But now it's almost like you don't care,
Like the you that was concerned is not really there..
I can't find you,
I can't even really talk to you...
Because You, don't even know Me. anymore.
Maybe I changed, but I'm pretty sure it was you my friend...
And down the road you decided our journey was at its end,
without really including me in the fact that you were concluding we.

Shit, I'm a little hurt that you're not here for me.
Not that I want you to love me and be with me but at least be there for me.
After all that you kinda put me through, it's honestly the least you could do.

I thought you were something so special you know,
a friendship built up by the constant wreckoning of letting go...
But it seems you let yourself fall weak to the conflict,
and now our friendship doesnt exist at least not with any real interest.
I'm sorry that it's come to this, that you've lost your sight of what this really was, and now I'm a little bit stuck comin down from this hopeless battle without a cause.

Because you gave up, and I'm torn up. So I'm fed up being the grown up, and I've decided to tip over our half empty cup.

Completely drained, our cup runeth empty, and if you wake up tomorrow feeling empty, realize its your lack of concern for your messed up exempt; me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nerd Girl

Nerd Girl starring Janelle Monae - Chester French

"I don't know if you would like this movie for real, not to say you're a nerd or anything...." Yeah, that's what he said Lol about my take on 'stupid funny' movies... Tisk* tisk..

So what If I'm a nerd girl?
I've recently discovered that's the "in" girl..
"In" because even I can make a plain white tee fly..
"In" because I've accepted the world's unanswered whys...
WE don't know everything, but we will say anything...
That sounds believable with the intent that it's conceivable.
I'm a nerd girl,
And I'm not sure I care if dudes are into my looks,
because my mind is a product of years of good books,
And the fact of the matter is, It's my intellect that hooks...
A man into my being and existence, so he inquires with great persistence...
Into a beautiful mind that some would dub divine,
Because I got something peculiar going for me,
that he's wondering, "who could she really be? to me"
A question he toggles with over and over,
I'm reading another chapter, almost at the back cover.

Keep up my darling good lookin,
Nerd girls are pretty fast, always movin..
We may be known for our impatience,
But nerd girls don't have time for patience!!
So either you're on our page or not,
Remember what I said, or have you already forgot-ten,
Ok, I'll give you one last shot, you've been pretty decent.

I'm a nerd girl, In my own world, my head is in the clouds as my conscience starts to swirl, around theories and dreams I imagined as a girl... But eventually I'll grow up and get over any hiccup.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Crippling.

What is it about females and their emotions anyway?? I can't even BEGIN to explain my dreams last night, and saying them out loud might cause a little hurt to some so instead, I'm gonna get a little lyrical for a minute.

The problem is we do require a lot of attention..
Not because we're SPOILED but that was God's intention,
to give us the ruling hand to put any man in detention,
When he forgets.

When he forgets your significance because he's caught up in his own sh*t.
When he forgets how to show affection because his heart is closed a little bit.
When he forgets to be the man that wants a woman to want to get, him.
He's forgotten a lot of things, he's forgotten the most significant things, that make a woman more than just a *thing.

Neyo said it best, it's all a part of a nice long list,
The way she smiles gently underneath every kiss...
The way she scrunches up her nose when he ends their perfect bliss,
The way she hides her tears when he tells her she'll be missed...
When did man forgot the delicacy in all of this?

Let's not forget the woman's angry side,
There's no real reason to try and hide, it.
to This particular woman's anger you may be blind,
Cause she appears more sad on the outside, while the anger's in her mind.
Cause he fucced up once again, it's off to detention once again, and she's
left wondering,
"When the fucc will you just give in?"

A question unanswered she's shrugs it off again,
Because he's begging to get out so she decides to give in...
And they're back at again, falling deeper and deeper in..
*A Lust gone awry with a 1000 questions asking why?