Monday, April 25, 2011

Youth of America

I have an even greater respect for Lupe Fiasco after his Roseland Ballroom 'Lasers' show. His energy and creative genius as a rapper was the perfect disguise for who I've discovered him to really be--a true poet.

A real, raw, powerful, force to be reckoned with, poet. Thus, my praise and response to his Youth of America.

We have a job to do, Youth of America.
One we tend to forget and perhaps even ignore,
but it's our destiny Youth of America.
Yes, have your dreams but leave opened a door, or two
for those searching for a place, the future Youth of America.

We have a job to do Youth of America.
Protect the land of the free and unveil its flaws for all to see.
Because I am not perfect and neither are you Youth of America!
But we damn sure can try to restore what this place used to be.
Youth of America. your home. Your greener pastures...your be all end all and your playground.
Keep your head on your shoulders and your loved ones safe and sound.
Youth of America, everyone's counting on you!
Yes you'll make mistakes but we expect you to DO. Anything.
Anything and everything rather than absolutely nothing.
To right the wrongs of the past and present, and recognize the beautiful things.

Because you, me...WE--Youth of America...are the last breath.
Are you up for the test?