Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Abstract forms..

Poetry isn't about your ability to rhyme... or your ability to say or write something that sounds nice together.. it is simply an abstract form of expression, something you find makes you think more on an issue than you ever have before, because you didn't realize it could be that deep. Take 24 hours for example:

It's the limit placed on your day, a constant reminder of how much more time you need for the plans circling in your head but did you ever stop and say, why 24 hrs when time always runs out? Why limit a person's time to accomplish what she truly wants without racing against a clock that will ALWAYS win.... why set us up for failure everyday because 24 hours is simply a number most of us find a mockery of all the things we need to do?

That's nothing crazy.. actually it might even be trash depending on who's reading.. but i really just wanted a minute to freehand.. just because.

Painted pretty toes and ceiling fans, rains tap tap tappin on the window panes and I am not my hair's humming in the back ground... 97 dread locks all long, sometimes i wish my curls were still long. Left my insecurity at the door because this year's gonna end and I have no idea what's in store for me. September 4 weeks away, DC bound or here in Philly I shall stay.. anxiety risin like chunks of venom in my throat as anticipation of my participation's got me real impatient!! life's at a stand still, coffee's dried up in the pot, counter top's stained.

Painted pretty toes and ceiling fans, bedroom's still warm and opened closet doors, childhood demons already escaped and my own worst fear is made reality... facing the man in the closet... the evil man that plagued my youth.. the invisible man that's been hurtin me.. because all this time i keep askin who is he?? You know the storm will always floww.. .But if the sun don't shine forever, I gotta let it go.. you gotta let it go, ooooos on the pandora, Treo goin off but im stuck in my flow.. Sorry if i lost you this is just the way it goes.

Painted pretty toes and ceiling fans, a lamp desk and a G Shock... alicia keys starts playin and i let her rock.. No one can get in the way of what I'm sayin, and quite frankly maybe no one will even understand what I'm sayin..

Painted pretty toes and ceiling fans.. this is my life and right now, stress it is sans.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Choked Up

I came home determined to write something...
But I don't where to start.
I'm choked up on my thoughts, let alone my words
Because I'm biting my tongue not to use my verbal sword.

An awkward emotional reaction is what I like to call it..
When rage wells up in my eyes and tears try not to fall.
I'm aggravated, annoyed... Slightly lonely but not destroyed.

What you fail to see is the strength that is within me,
So if you have something say....Let it out, please don't shield me.

I can handle what you, may think I cant..
Because all it will take to be done with,
Is a short and sweet verbal rant*