Friday, December 28, 2007

Take Love outta the Equation

I Love+I'm In Love=??????
Scratch that.Subtract that. Divide or Multiply,
Take love outta the equation completely and let's just call it what it really is.
Great Sex.
Mind-blowing, inexplainable, unbelievable, didn't-know-it-could-feel-this-good, great sex.
You moved me,
You fooled me.
You loved me.
Not that, "I love you can't live without you" loved me,
But you loved me, without the words.
Your actions always spoke louder than your words.
But what's stronger?
Am I supposed to wait much longer?
There's no explanation for this incomplete equation, so I realized.
Forget the bullshit and all the perfectly devised lies.
Take Love outta the equation.... and whats left?
Just you.
And me?
I'm just that remainder,
you know, that left over number you're not too sure really belongs there in the first place?
What a disgrace.
Now you realize, as I already have,
That you fucced up the equation, somewhere in your math.
So start over, or skip it.
But loving you, I will miss it.