Saturday, August 16, 2008

American Boy..

American Boy (Ft. Kanye West) - Estelle ft Kanye West

I know I know, this song isn't new in any way at all but I absolutely love it!!! What girl doesn't want some hottie with a body to take them all over the world but more importantly someone to just kick it wit sometimes?

I haven't been on blogger in a while, (my apologies) but I'm here.. and I wanna put a lil spin on this song..

See I've come to realize I'd appreciate a certain Englishmen..
The Jude Law type that had a gush effect on Cameron,
Diaz that is, in The Holiday they play....
A widowed man of England, an independent from L.A.

Take me to L.A, just to see it.
When we're done, we can leave it.
Fly to London see the rain,
Maybe ride a super train,

We won't stay long, we got the world to see,
Take me far from here I wanna sail a new sea....

Greece to see the Gods and visit the sexy sands,
Let's watch the sunset, while we're holding hands.

How beautiful the sun is when we take the time to watch...
It's heat is extreme but the blue waters cool it a notch.

Take me to Japan I wanna see the busy streets,
that remind me of New York, the city none other beats.

We can see the world in 60 days and it'd be more than enough...
Because time spent with you is precious, a diamond in the rough.