Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Unanswered Question...

There comes a time in everyone's life when there are so many unanswered questions, and we just wanna say, I give Up!!!! But what does that ever really solve you know? a "self-afflicted prison" giving up would only postpone the inevitable, that those unanswered questions will eventually come back with NO ANSWERS. So what do we do? Do we let it go, try to ignore the ongoing list that's forming in our souls? Or do we address these questions head on, search for the questions now and never give up until these questions are resolved? When anyone can do that, but consider carefully. Time is of the essence, or so they say, so maybe your best bet is to gamble with time. Let it run out a little bit, the more you let pass by, the less you have to deal with in life right? Everybody's destiny is waiting patiently to be played out, and the only way for a change in destiny would be the result of impatience. Try not to think too hard about what will happen if you let questions marinate before you find the answers, because maybe, just maybe, that time away will allow for a more favorable answer... That is, considering it is within your destiny.
T* Mel.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Someday We'll all Be Free

It's become apparent to me that we're all prisoners of ourselves, and it takes a lot to break away from that imprisonment. Some people may find passive ways to ignore or rid themselves of this constraint, such as I the poet, while others are lost in their chains and ignorant to what is real.
"This is my favorite song, in the whole wide world", moans Keyes as she tickles her keys. This is my prayer for all of us imprisoned people.

Hang on to the world,
It's not much there to own anymore.
Selfishly we've stolen from ourselves and oppurtunity is closing its door.
To the woman a prisoner of love? Be aware things can only get worse, and when you r a prisoner, it will only get worse. To free yourself of your chains, you must realize that love isnt an idictment or a conviction for a crime you helplessly committed. So if that is how it feels, you have been misled.
Read between the lines no matter how much you feel as though you think too much, because your heart and soul is a better judge than the initial thought processes going through your head. To the man unable to find himself? Slow down, take a knee for yourself, for you have truly disabled yourself. Your chains are bound so tight you constantly try to find freedom in your many jobs and escape plans that never seem to stick.
This is because you dont know "You" and your thinking out your life way too quick.
So just slow down.
To the mother of the child who doesnt seem to listen
It'll work out if you want it to. Never give up.
You are a prisoner in your own home. You want to run but your heart wont let you go because you dont really want to run. You love your child as you should and you must realize and accept that no matter how hard it is you are both better off together than apart.
And if you wish to be free, just to decide on a new start..
You will be fine, you have eachother.
To the man too busy to have the one he "loves" in his life no matter what inconveniences may arise.
Relax. If it's love she's not going anywhere. Free yourself of your occupied life by sitting down for a minute and doing whatever it is that you've wanted to do for so long.
Even if it means simply putting on a song,
Close your eyes and remember what it is this woman you love does for you when you're with her (in person or in heart)
And use this as your release whenever you may be apart.
She loves you, and If you love her, she can free you. Just let her.
I pray that one day we will wake up with a higher level of understanding for our purpose in the world. For our reason to live, and our need to stay alive.
If we never reach this place, than this dark world we wont survive.

Keep ya head up high,
Hold on to the world as it spins.
And Someday we Will All Be Free.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chris Brown!!!

Hey people, I been MIA for awhile, but I figured i'd share some new sh*t wit ya'll... here's the new Chris Brown, enjoy until I can provide something outta this world. Love peace and poetry,