Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happily Ever After

So I've been working on my novel this week, and while I'm extra far from the ending, I been struggling with whether or not I want it to be your typical "happily ever after" or should I make it T *Mel style, meaning not so happily ever after?

Couldn't we be happily ever after?
Is it that unlikely that you'll keep me full of laughter,
Or will our happiness die down not too soon after?
You know how I do, start thinkin bout the "what if" factor,

Can we make a deal now, that will last us eternity?
I been hurt in the pass, maybe not obvious to you but definitely internally.
I can give you my heart and it'll be yours eternally,
But I refuse to give you everything if you feel any uncertainty.

Give me the drama I need to make this a best seller, be it bitter or sweet,
And once that drama is uprooted, you must promise not to get cold feet.
Ruin my life if you see beauty in my bitter cynicism,
or make me the happiest person alive and I'll erase all my criticism.

Best Sellers do Exist with typical endings,
It just takes a certain level of rule bending.
Trust me, I'll make it work either way,
Just tell me which way to go, you have exactly one day.

And they lived....?