Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When I Said what I Said

Sometimes people don't really listen to me when I speak, and then they end up being shocked when things happen exactly the way I said they would only they don't remember me saying it! Anywho, to all those confused about what I mean when I say what I say:

When I said what I said, I think it may have pierced an artery,
What I said was simply deafening to the oratory,
When I said what I said, I meant every last word.
I wasn't dancing around the issue, my points were meant to be heard.
Were you listening, when I said what I said?
Or were you too busy, imagining me naked instead?
Naked in body but also in my soul,
You wish you could see what my future will hold..
When I said what I said, I didn't mean to sound cold,
I just wanted you to notice the path that is to unfold.
Truth be told, what I said was rather bold.
And though my arms I may fold, it's my eyes that haven't rolled.... Back
To darkness then around again to reality,
Are you nervous darling? or will you take another stab at me?

When I said what I said, I wasn't looking for a response.
What I said was necessary, intellectually driven, the renaissance.
When I said what I said, I was talking to myself.
Admitting to me how I really felt... a feeling recently I haven't dealt, with.
But then it was over quick.

the words escaped so fast,
I realized their meaning wouldn't last.
When I said what I said,
I was me in all honesty.
did you believe me?

Friday, May 15, 2009

And just like that

The nonchalant response had me second guessing my emotions
but apparently he was exposed to a truly lethal potion.
Today is here... not a week near.
And good bye is at the tip of my tongue but its a dreaded expression my voice just hasn't sung..
Just like that I gave a casual hug,
Just like that my stomach gave an awkward tug...
Just like that I wanted to be a little smug,
So he wouldn't notice my sad little shrug..
Of my incapability of actually convincing he.

Just like that I turned away,
Set out for a quiet alone kinda day.
Just like that I had nothing left to say..
And Just like that I lost my way.
Just like that we parted ways,
Just like that I exited an old phase.
Something like that will lead to some rough days...
But after the tough days will come calmer days..
And I'll eventually be in a better state
When I finally realize that there's nothing left to wait.. for.

Just like that I've found myself missing my most exciting adventure....And just like that I must heal my heart's ragged puncture.

Just like that, i muster up the courage and heave a deep sigh,

Good, bye.