Friday, May 28, 2010

Identifying With the Other Side

I've taken on a new guilty pleasure; Parenthood. Partly because of my addiction to Gilmore Girls, partly because I'm a sucker for gushy television, I thought it would be a good investment of my time to have a good laugh or cry once a week at a moment of my choosing. But I've found myself identifying with the one character least like me.

For those of you that watch the show, Amber Braverman is a beautiful fiery brunette with not a fear in the world (at least on the surface) and no restrictions. She is broken though, possibly because mommy Braverman is broken too and seems to struggle to make things right. But Amber and me, we bond every Friday or Saturday night I launch to catch up on the latest episode. She goes through a lot of what I went through in high school, only more exaggerated and slightly more dark emo-type emotions than I've ever felt.

But she's so smart! She's like one of those closet geniuses, who will never admit that she's smart to the cool kids but secretly dreams of going to Yale? Yeah, that was me in high school, minus the genius part and minus the balls (excuse me), Guts to actually apply to Yale. Maybe I would've actually enjoyed my years in journalism academia had I gone to a school like that. Maybe. But back to Amber.

Somehow I find myself engrossed in her dilemma, feeling every emotion that drips off her tongue, and every tear that rolls down her cheek. And I know it's acting, but she's damn good at it! I'm even more connected to her in that she appears to resist her tears, but when they flow, they really flow. She's me, only she grew up in Fresno.... Idk.

Anyway, just wanted to give a couple lines about the chic cause she's quite awesome, and managed to become inspired for a quick line or two:

To Identify with the unidentifiable,
avoid conforming with the normalcy,
the oddly fiery secrecy of the other side,
screams at you with tenacity.
Identify with the unidentifiable,
You may find their personality, more viable,
than yours.