Thursday, October 15, 2009

The New Dirty

I haven't written an inappropriate poem since the first PhilaLive, shouts to Dom the Konoisseur,
So it's time to rouse my readers at about 2 am.

Drip drip,
Sweat's stinging my skin and he proceeds to go in me

Sweat so heavy and so sweet i cant feel my feet, so sweet

Chills shivering my spine as our bodies lay intertwined,
I am numb, but I still feel you. Every ounce of you.
And every ounce of you, I want to do.
Yes, you, my sexy chocolate shaded boo.

Drip, Drip,
my eyes are closed and i'm not breathin through my nose
Anymore. I'm gasping for air as you grab at my hair,
and I try to relax as I start to climax
So I can hold on to you. Don't let go,
This is me and there's something I want to show
you. I want to show you all of me open your eyes.
No more lies just the inner mys.

My cup size and my waist line
Breathing deep you can read the signs.
I'm stuck, aching for more of your fine wine.
That juice I know will always be mine.

Don't hide whats best from me,
Let me decide for me
Let me feel you inside of me
Let me lay here playfully.

Take your time, dont be afraid of what you do
Because everything i feel is like something completely new.
You. you introduce a new side of me too,
the forbidden side with what i never knew what to do.

Take me completely, do not leave me longing
Because your body engulfing mine is true belonging
You're my sexy and I'm yours, and I'm glad we're capable of much more behind closed doors.

Drip, drip,
Sweats sliding down my back as we wrestle in the sack
do you feel that?
The me you've been dreaming of? Enjoy that.
Now relax.

When I fell in love.

When I fell in love,
I was afraid of you.
I was afraid of the power within you.
I myself forbade me from you.
But there you were, and
i fell in love with you.

Now what am i supposed to do?
I've wanted you to be my king
and sweet melodies to you i will sing but
bring me something other than a fancy ring,
Bring me you, because i'm in love with you.

NO I'm not obssessed and no I don't feel blessed,
but I love you.
Do what you do and I'll do what I do, while I'm in love with you.
I lost my way a while back but i think im good now as a matter of fact
Because I'm okay with loving you, as long as i don't lose sight of you,
The real you. The you that I fell for, the you that I long for,
The you that only exists in my mind because no one is that perfect.

I love you for the idea of you, and i love that the real you is close enough,
I love that even though i sometimes like it rough you always give me the sensual stuff,
Because you really know me. The real me.
When I fell in love with you I was so, happy.
Because I no longer had to pretend, I was simply me.
No hidden agendas just who I'm meant to be.

I fell in love you, and now I don't know what to do.
Because while you love me too, you're acting a little new..
You can't handle me I come with much expectation so you approach me with hesitation,
which is fine.
But I simply ask that you treat me like a fine wine.
You're running out of time, and I, I like to rhyme.
Because when you steer me wrong, this is where I go.

When I fell in love, I was the happiest woman alive. Now I'm fighting hard to hold on to that drive. Of loving you, and loving me loving you.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

21 and No One.

Happy Birthday to me... Monday I turned 21, and I woke up in an awkward emotional state. (I spent half the day having random outbursts of tears, some warranted bust most not and for that I apologize). I realized, when I woke up, that I'm 21 years old... and I, am no one.

My family doesn't see me,
My dog, she just ignores me.
My friends they never get me.
My men, they never keep me.
I, am no one.

My list of accomplishment's pretty short,
My public service announcement? a bland report.
My heart's run empty, since I hit abort.
My soul is dark without support
Because I, am no one.

I close my eyes, and count to three.
And when they open, I should be free.
But I am not, cause I can't see.
The girl I was, or woman to be.
I, am no one.

I am young,
I am naive.
I'm not a genius, I just perceive.
I am clever,
I am strong,
At my weakest, I right my wrong.

*I am no one, for now.