Thursday, February 28, 2008

Political Ticker

Tick, tock, sounds the great big clock.
"The Real Super Tuesday's" coming, are you ready Barack?
You're taking hits all across the board!
But that's American politics, and if you weren't we'd be bored.
But don't worry, your nomination is secure,
It's the candidates they bash that hold the ultimate cure.
Has your campaign shaken the republicans so much,
that they result to using their ultimate failure in their favor?
So sad, I didn't know hate could ruin campaigns that bad.
Let's address this issue: you know, the one of change...
What say you on the events of today, what can you arrange?
Cause anything you may say will be better than 100 years from today.
We know it's not as simple as 123, that option will never set us free.
Now we got Mississippi, 61 to 37, And you shoot down "sidekick to 007,
Smart move, let the country know you set the groove...
You're winning the delegates but what of the super delegates?
It's home stretch now, Penn's raisin ya eye brow....
Philly's ya hub of supporters, but on the outskirts there's conformers,
But sit tight, We all know you got this is one, soon it'll be over and she will be done....
Road to Presidency 2008, Step out the way, and please, drop the hate.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't Hold Back

There's at least ONE moment in every normal person's life where the going gets too tough, and they just can't hack it anymore. Weeks and weeks of pent up frustration, a little depression here, a little anger there, but you hold it in in the hopes that sooner or later things will turn around, because they have to. That's just how the world should work, it spins. Ever use the expression your head is spinning? You're right on schedule. Your mind is just so ill that you're racing with the time of the Earth's rotation on its own axis, but at the same time you're messin with your mind's own personal access. "My head is spinning" because I have too much on my mind to deal with at one time, but if you just slow down, as someone once told me, you're life will no longer be in a world win. When you're feeling overwhelmed and unsure of whether its okay to cry, or scream, or laugh, or run, my solution is simple:
Don't hold anything in. Let it all go, and in the end you will win.
If you have to shed a thousand tears let them loose along with your fears.
Conquer all negativity that you see clouding your judgment and hindering who you could be.
Rant and rave any chance you get, so that when asked what was wrong you can say, "I forget."
Don't hold anything in. Let it all go, and in the end you will win.
Emotions aside, NEVER swallow your pride.
Wear it on your sleeve and unimaginable things you will achieve.
Maybe not right away but things will happen one day.
Don't hold anything in. Let it all go, and in the end you will win.
My last words of wisdom are simply these:
Live and love life to the fullest. Without the love, the life is useless.

I Love my Mom, She makes everything better.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Set Me Free

There’s something that really scares me.

There’s only one thing that I wanna be; free

See? I can’t close my eyes without seeing he.

He that destroyed me, made me a prisoner of me.

Captivity will never suit me, so tell me how to set myself free!

I never wanted this, you did everything but respected me.

And now I’m up here tryin’ hard not to scream,

But my heart is achin and persistence is in me.

Persistence is in me, but resistance is my key,

My key to be free, someday I will be. You’ll see.

Don’t touch me. Don’t look at me. Don’t even think about me.

Don’t dream of me, don’t smile at me. Don’t know me.

Forget me. Just this once, will you help me?

You weren’t there when help was in need.

So this last time just be rid of your inner bad seed.

I hate you, cause you had to “love me”

But I love you, don’t you see?

Just do me this favor, please.

Set me free.

Monday, February 4, 2008


So he thought I was joking when I said he earned himself some words full of hate... Well I wasn't.

O, how I hate the way you look at me,
As though you see something others don't see.
O, how I hate your smile and the twinkle in your eyes.
Why must you stare me down why O, why?
O, my god, I hate your flirty ways.
You say things to me that leave me in a daze.
O, I'm aching, aching for your touch.
But I'm aching so bad I hate you O, so much.
I hate that I can't say how much I really hate you,
Because we're pretty good friends and O, I love you!