Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Stress Is over!

Pressure Featuring Jay-Z (Explicit Album Version) - Lupe Fiasco
Sorry it's been so long!! but i truly have been going insane with the Econ class I had this summer
(No Offense to the great Dr Rustici)....but I have said in the past that I'm running with time, and I just wanna say, last night I think we came in tied. (pics to come when I get the chance!)

TFAS has shown a great deal of myself to me,
And I've become more organized than I ever thought I could be.
I've run away from problems that weren't worth the fight,
I've accepted the hardships and placed attainable goals in sight.
A breakfast with the director has opened up a new window,
As we sat and chat about this summer and what we've all been through.
From the most moral to someone slightly off the walls,
I now know that journalism is the path on which my life falls.
To all my IPJers, I'm so proud of where we've come and what we've overcome,
And moreso I'm proud of all the hard work (with given deadlines) that have been done.
To My TFASers, (ie. the roomates that I love,) I'm glad to have spent time with you,
And I wish you the best of look in whatever you set out to do.

We've made it this far, commencement is upon us, smile, they'll all applaud us!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Disappointment from my dream Magazine.

The New Yorker magazine has for a while now been the magazine in my head where I would hold my own featured political column. Today, I did the usual...opened up, went to the politics section, and there it was, a headline I never imagined...

(click here for video commentary)
Here's a few words New Yorker:

Excuse me, New Yorker, forgive my blunt blow,
But have you lost your mind? You've gone overboard this time.

The Obama's on your cover give me an empty chill,
as your lack of cover lines and a description fail to fill.

Actions always have unintended consequences and repercussions,
All this cover does is warrant defensive and extensive future discussions.

Of a country stuck in the past, thinking they're promoting forward movement.
But to many Americans you will learn this cover is mere amusement.

Rumors have in the past stirred about Senator Obama and his wife,
Now your cover may make them real for those unfamiliar with his life.

Polls show voters believe Obama was sworn in on the Quran,
Something already proven false, the day he raised his right hand.

Others believe he really is a Muslim, another false accusation,
Like father not like son, Obama's got his own religious affiliation.

Your cover may be satirical, but now it's embedded in the minds of the hierarchal.

It's one thing to discuss stereotypes, labels, and rumors, but this cover just paints a picture.. a pretty ugly picture at that.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesse Jackson Causing Traction.

I'm here in DC struggling with sleep and I decided to do a little CNN catch-up.... I haven't been proactive in the news for the last 12 hours and I needed to know what's going on! And low and behold...the first headline I see... jackson apologizes for 'crude' Obama remarks.

(jesse jackson that is.)

We all make mistakes and sadly only one on air is all it really takes.
JJ said some words that were meant to be a whisper,
Now he's apologizing to the Next White House Mr.
Speaking for Fox....I'd say mistake number one..JJ let slip a statement that can't be undone.
It's a presidential campaign and we're making history, do us a favor JJ and put aside your misery.
Don't slip when the critic's got you in their grip.
Resist your usual criticism and fight the urge for cynicism.

Ever wonder why it so conveniently works out that the wrongs make airtime but the rights get no time?

I do....and I always wonder if politics will ever be new.
So I cross my fingers and hope Mr. Obama is true.
Because old politics threaten our freedom, and this means yours too.