Monday, August 24, 2009

Per your request.

I havent been on my blog in FOREVER, because of my month long riff with Comcast in Philly... holdin me up verbally for a whole 4 weeks. sad I know, but I'm back..

And as intoxicated is my second name today, i must speak for a bit.

Per your request,
I'm back on my game..
No more days waiting silent in this game,
No more nights hoping that he'll say my name..
I'm ready for the change since nothing is the same.

Fall 09, my fourth and my last,
this chapter of my life is about to be the past.
3 years of destruction sure did go pretty fast,
But I'm not worried now, cause my future has been cast.-ed

My heart no longer yearns for what she so deserves,
And my body's over aching for what she cant preserve.
A final chance at this might finally conserve,
The feeling that i know I hold in my reserve.

Per your request,
I'm plugging in my emotions.
Because the thought of your thoughts, is a truly lethal potion.
And I'm driven ever more, my mind's set back into motion.
Per your request, I re-establish my devotion.

I promise more is to come*