Monday, October 13, 2008


i've been MIA for a little while too long, but I'm back.... Three episodes of Grey's, a birthday and a wedding, and Little old me has Arrived!! Enjoy.

Wishing On A Star (Bonus Mix) - Beyonce

I'm wishing on a star....
Far Far away,
That someone will steal my heart and take all my sorrows away.
That he will piece the parts of my soul back together the right way.
That he will be my true counterpart, and he'll forever stay.

I'm wishing on a star....
That's glistening in the sky,
for a chance to make my claim, a chance to catch his eye.
for a love to last eternity, and make me feel like i can fly.
for a man to hold my hand, and simply kiss goodnight.

I'm wishing on a star....
Tonight and every other.
to bring someone true, the world's greatest lover.
Will I find him? I can only wonder......

Where you are.