Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Letters I've Never Sent...Gypsetters

To The Only Gyp-Setter I know,

How do you come up with these things? You're elegant, raunchy and rough around the edges all at the same time! People choke on their words when you walk in a room, and I just shake my head and giggle in your shadow. What is it that you do?

"All we need is a tent," you told me. And in that moment, I believed you. I think I still do. The cubicle that subdues me during the day evaporates. In it's place, an oversized tent with plush pillows and Bohemian-style accents that feel like home. You are home, even when you're thousands of miles away.

I told you I'm inspired when I see you, and that's only partially true. I'm inspired when I think of you, and whatever crazy thing you just might be doing now. I'm inspired by your due diligence, or rather you not doing any, actually. I'm inspired by your ability to just be you, wishing I could just be me. Instead, I'm chained to a greater world that swallows my creativity and blindfolds my thoughts. Help me.

You defined a gyp-setter for me and I laughed. You don't need anything, you don't even need a destination. you just let the wind carry you, and oh how I sometimes wish to follow. This is my ode to you, my praise to you, my envy.

Keep inspiring me, keep outlasting me, and keep driving me. Most importantly, keep going on your journey to any and everywhere, or perhaps even nowhere, and when you get there, send me a postcard.


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